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CaDeLac Dog Training is proud to use Canine Academy as its primary training venue. Team CaDeLac and every member of it, is CaDeLac.


It is the team, and every personality within it, that make it such a success.


Established in 2001 by Denise Mcleod, CaDeLac’s “Mission underlines all of its efforts

and activities and is very simple - to keep dogs in happy, well educated, lifelong homes.


We try to achieve this by bringing to people an understanding of dogs that will allow all owners to build a better bond with their dog.


Having fun training their dog will allow them to really enjoy and get the most out of their relationship with their dog.


Together we produce well trained dogs that are a pleasure to own and have a positive affect on society.  


Happy owners and happy dogs, trained using positive lure based methods.



Amongst the services CaDelac offers are…


A very friendly and experienced team of instructors who love their work and are just nice to be around.

Fun, socialisation and obedience classes offering levels of training to suit everyone from beginner, to advanced competition, from tiny puppies to happy geriatrics.

Six weekly fun education evenings which teach people how better to understand their dog and simple things that make big differences to getting the most out of their dog.

Off lead socialisation and group walks.

Private behavioural consultations and training.

Our own and rather amazing photographer.

Advice on nutrition. 

Clicker training demonstrations and training events.

One off weekend training courses on a variety of themes. Watch our web site.

Lots and lots of fun and laughs along the way.


CaDeLac website and further information

Telephone Denise on 07813 399901


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